DAR Architect Tool

XRDigitech AR Architecture tool provides an innovative and mobile way to present your building using Virtual 3-D modeling Augmented Reality Technology). Instead of a costly and immobile physical architectural model, you can present your building on a regular piece of paper using any mobile device. Additionally, you can simply use the buttons on your screen to switch between exterior view, interior view, different floors and amenity areas. With usage of light we create Day/Night effects which you can't really generate in a physical architectural model.

DAR Stagging Tool

XRDigitech AR solution offers an upgraded spec sheet technology. Customers can see a 3D Model of the furniture on their spec sheets and choose from available color and other options. Also they can place the spec sheet on the floor to and see their furniture in actual size. For real estate agencies: We understand how challenging it is to imagine an unfurnished apartment might look without furniture. Your agents can have a bunch of Virtual Furniture Sheets to place them on the floor and with the help of their mobile device, they can show the unit furnished, with the furniture of their choice.


DAR Marketing Tool

With Augmented Reality technology, your customers can try your products in their own environment before they buy. 3D model added to the physical products helps to engage customers with a product and works as an incentive to a quicker purchase. You can incorporate Pandora experience into an advertisement which directs the user to the additional Web content, product video and coupons. Retail is an attractive field to explore augmented reality because the results can be seen in real figures, with live feedback from the customers and viral exposure due to its novelty.

DAR Training Tool

AR is a great technology that helps learners truly enjoy learning on the go and can be adaptive enough to provide each employee a personalized learning experience. Below are my notes that will help you understand AR and why it should be adopted as your preferred learning technology.Training on the job and retraining of employees is made much simpler by using augmented reality in training, as the immersive nature of the technology gives the learners the opportunity to experience situations for themselves, rather than just learning through passive observation.


DAR AR/VR Integration

Imagine you are stepping into your future apartment, walking in all rooms, you will feel like you are really there. One second, what?your wife didn't like the contemporary furniture? Just press one button and change your furniture to Mid-Century style. XRDigitech provides best graphic quality with great performance that a mobile device can perform. Integrating this technology with Virtual Reality Goggles, will provide incredible visual fidelity and an immersive, wide field of view.


Mixed Reality reveals a whole new physical dimension of digital content overlaid on our real world environment. Its an entirely new medium, and so comes with a new set of challenges and opportunities for content creators and end-users alike. At XRDigitech we build hardware, computer vision software, and creative tools. The display allows the viewer to see both the physical world and the virtual content at the same time. In this light, MR is a subset of AR, albeit with more immersion than is typical of handheld AR.