Industrial Solution

Heavy Industries

XRDigitech offers service and solutions based on new and emerging technologies to help and ease out several activities in the heavy industries. The deployment of these solutions utilizes smartphones, tablets, desktops, online medium, virtual reality or augmented reality enabled devices. This ensures that our solutions are portable, cost efficient and location independent, while being able to solve numerous business and operational problems. Some of such solutions for the heavy industries include visualization, gamification, virtual reality & augmented reality solutions.


XRDigitech offers a multivariate benefits to the automobile fraternity with the use of avant-garde technologies and techniques. With the use of DAR, the users can create a digital showroom showcasing a wide range of models, cutting down the cost of physical space. More than that, DAR brings Physical stage to Digital life, giving a 360 Degree view and virtual walk traits to the buyers, making the decision process simpler. That's just not it, with DAR, allows the users to project virtual content on real vehicles, eliminating the need to fabricate a physical prototype every time.


You can connect your offline marketing channel with an interactive, engaging, and measurable digital channel. DAR Augmented reality platform transforms and helps the brands to truly let consumers inside their brand story. Our goal is to use AR in such a way that it creates an interactive and engaging experience for users by superimposing digital layers of Videos, 3D animations and additional information.Augmented reality for marketing is now getting trend in this digital era where you can become a brand name by following latest trends of promotion strategies. Augmented reality for marketing campaigns not only keeps you detach from your opponents but also endow with an advanced edge to cultivate your business rapidly. .


Healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and adopting advanced technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies for both trainings and treatments. XRDigitech uses augmented reality technology to bring cutting-edge, collaborative, visualization tools to the healthcare community. Our live Augmented Reality product enables clinicians to virtually scrub into any clinical setting, in real-time, increasing access to high-quality surgical care, improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and delivering a highly engaging training experience many more.


XRDigitech is demonstrating its footfall in education industry by introducing augmented reality in education business helping audience to overcome from old teaching and reading tactics with interactive and engaging learning material. Augmented reality in education offers learners to get more interactive and appealing material with more interesting content in term of videos, images, animations etc which is able to grab the attention of learners across the academic levels with more knowledge & higher retention. Implementing augmented reality in education in early stage can be industry advantage while targeting to achieve further academic goals.